TL 6100 MQ is an old-line American bred Duroc meat sire. He offers traditional Duroc growth, superior meat quality, natural durability, efficient feed conversion and high-lean gain. TL 6100 MQ is the sire of choice for high-lean gain market hogs with Muscle Quality.

TL 6200 PW is a Purebred White Duroc meat sire.  He offers tremendous growth, aggression, leanness, structural soundness and high quality, developed exclusively from TRULINE Genetics. TL 6200 PW produces a Preferred White market hog.



TL 6300 PQ  A new meat sire developed through extensive meat quality research and testing. This unique sire excels in meat color, taste, tenderness and texture. Offspring documented through NBS progeny test as first in growth, lean gain and meat quality index. Produces a truly Premium Quality market hog.

The TRULINE breeding and selection program has been designed to create high genetic consistency, optimum product uniformity and maximum heterosis. Our custom designed production systems offer high natural health, and are easy to implement. All animals are stress negative. Experience the TRULINE  advantage in your herd!

meat and maternal lines create

both production and product customer advantages


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