TRULINE GENETICS, Duroc, Landrace, Large white, Hampshire and Berkshire purebreds are based on 45 years of continuous selection for practical, productive, profitable pigs. Truline Genetics continues to improve its unique foundational base of genetic lines to compliment natural selection of purebred animals. Our strong purebred base provides maximum heterosis and performance when it is combined into a total commercial breeding system.

Consistent selection for production and performance type animals has been blended into individual linebred lines that give these lines maximum genetic consistency. This genetic consistency in turn gives maximum product uniformity that gives distinct economic advantages to our total commercial breeding system. The Truline name comes from this unique breeding approach that allows these lines to breed more true and consistent than other breeding animals.

Some of the additional genetic differences that make a difference come from our strong foundation of years and generations of consistent selection for traits of high economic value. These foundational genetics are a balanced blend of selection for high natural health, easy production, rapid growth, efficient reproduction and superior pork quality. Truline has been pioneers in performance testing over the years and is currently whole herd testing through the NSR STAGES program, which uses the BLUP analysis of purebred individuals are among the top ranked animals on this program within each breed in across herd comparisons in the United States. All performance data in our herds is taken and verified under the supervision of the University of Missouri Swine Improvement Assn. Program.

Some of the Truline genetic differences that will give you an advantage are:


There is a distinct genetic advantage that can be obtained by consistent long-term selection for robust, resilient, three-dimensional animals that have a balance of length, depth, width, rib shape, flank and total body volume. Selection for increased natural genetic health and genetically stronger immune systems will give more natural resistance  to diseases. Also there is an added advantage of stronger response to vaccines given to build high levels of antibodies and immunity that give stronger natural health. Genetics of health has been a long time selection priority at Truline that is just now beginning to be recognized by some of the scientific community as additional research is carried out.



Total function and longevity begins with the correctness and flexibility of the skeletal foundation. Truline replacements are selected for skeletal function from the ground up. Selection begins with a large foot and bone structure that is attached to big even toes that spread and flex and then carries upward into all other skeletal parts and joints of the body. Breeding animals in total confinement on total slatted floors must have extra flexibility and correctness in the entire skeleton in order to thrive, produce, and function for a long number of parities. This is also true for breeding hogs housed in tough outside conditions. Truline hogs are superior in longevity, soundness and function. It's not unusual to receive reports of Truline sows that are still producing at 10-12 and 14 parities. Hard made, tight muscled hogs with extra muscle expression, that are shallow ribbed, with little body capacity, will be slower growing, short lived, hard to cycle, hard to breed and hard to settle. Often times they will also have more farrowing and milking problems. With natural structural soundness and longevity Truline hogs will adapt equally well to outside or inside production.


We have been recording and selecting for high feed intake and high appetites in lactating sows for 15 years. Sow condition and breed-back ability is tied directly to appetite and feed intake. Research has proven that sows return to estrus sooner and breed back quicker when adequate internal fat is maintained. This is another reason to select for high capacity, larger volume females that maintain good body condition while milking heavily. Easy keeping, flexible sows will breed back quicker, farrow larger litters and live longer! This is natural selection working with Mother Nature to achieve a huge advantage. We have sows with feed intake of 24# per day during lactation!


Truline Genetics has been participating in research and testing for pork quality in trials sponsored by the National Pork Producers Council and the National Barrow Show beginning 12 years ago. Five years ago we personally committed to an extensive testing program where every herd sire used in any of our five breeds have progeny groups tested for complete pork quality evaluation, including pH, Color, Inter Muscular Fat (IMF), driploss, and texture. We have been leaders in the testing and evaluation of improved genetic lines for pork quality and have gained a distinct reputation for our superior Truline Premium Pork products. We have now evaluated over 140 sires and over 2000 carcasses for pork quality and have a database large enough to have established EPD numbers and rankings in each of our breeds. This will give us a distinct advantage in the future for additional selection improvement. A few years ago we discovered a Landrace boar from our old line Swedish Lines that have no American Landrace in their pedigrees, which had color; and pH numbers equal to the Duroc and Berkshire lines. We now have grandsons of this boar that are testing quite high for IMF also. We believe this Landrace line to be very unique in muscle quality in the world!

Pork quality is affected by many factors but it all starts with the genetic base. Genetic improvement through generations of selection will bring improved taste, tenderness and juiciness to a pork industry that desperately needs improved quality through genetics and not by pumping with 12% solution as is the case in much of the pork product today.


Truline has bred and developed a NEW White Duroc that is:

  1. Registered with the National Swine Registry.

  2. Verified origin from Purebred Duroc and Purebred Landrace parents.

  3. 100% STAGES performance documented.

  4. Derived totally from the Truline Genetic Base.

An extensive Breeding and Development Program has been underway for several years to breed and select a total Truline White Duroc that will be marketed under a trademark registration of WhiteROC™.

The genesis of this program is two fold in nature. First is to address the longstanding complaint by packers and USDA inspectors about the difficulty of removing red hair follicles from the hide of the red Duroc hog during the normal scalding and dehairing process. The long held perception by most packers and inspectors is that red hogs are "difficult" to dehair. The development of a Purebred Duroc that is homozygous for the white gene color would eliminate this problem and produce all white pigs.

Second, the WhiteROC™ has been developed as a dual-purpose animal that can be used as a Terminal sire or as a third white Maternal breed.

The WhiteROC™ can offer:

  1. Superior performance and natural health.

  2. Optimum carcass cutability (52% to 54% lean).

  3. Premium Pork Quality.

  4. Excellent Sow Productivity.

  5. Tremendous Durability and Longevity.

  6. A White Hair Coat.


We believe we have a proven genetic base that is "Your Natural Choice" for efficient, economical, profitable, pork production, and specifically designed for the All Natural Pork Producer.

These hogs are adapted to both inside and outside rearing and will work well in both natural and conventional pork production systems. We have had our Truline White plus parent line gilts work very successfully in an extensive 800-sow outdoor production system as well as in many intensive total confinement operations.

Truline Genetics have been selected to produce "Natures Pork"™ through:

  1. Natural Genetic Health

  2. Natural Genetic Skeletal Correctness, Longevity, Soundness and Flexibility

  3. Natural Genetically Improved Appetite

  4. Natural Genetically Improved Pork Quality. This product has a unique, documented advantage in taste, tenderness and eating experience.

  5. A New Truline WhiteROC™.

It is my belief that there are some very unique opportunities today in value added pork production! Truline is committed to assist our customers by providing them with the genetics, management protocols and resource people needed to be successful throughout the production and marketing of a premium product at a premium price.

I believe we have differentiated ourselves from commodity pork into a natural, high quality niche that will meet a growing demand from an increasingly health conscious consumer.

Success will come from developing a totally coordinated natural production system that is based on:

  1. Genetics bred for traits that enhance natural production and premium quality.

  2. Management Changes that will help improve production and performance.

  3. Nutritional Changes that will include the addition of emerging natural additives that will allow the withdrawal of antibiotics, growth promotents, and meat animal by-products.

  4. A Strong Marketing Company that is committed to the development and coordination of the whole production system providing marketing at a premium price with strict quality control.

This will create a totally coordinated system that will provide consumers with a consistent, high quality, healthy and natural pork product that can be produced and marketed as a specialized, premium, pork product at a premium price. We can provide you with a total system that will help "Create Success" for your pork business.

"creating success"

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