TRULINE is a registered trademark of businesses that are owned and operated by the Everett and Ruby Forkner family. The family is involved together as Forkner Farms Inc., with business interests in crops and livestock farming in western Missouri, about ninety miles south of Kansas City.


The Forkner Family

The Forkner family consists of three sons, Mike, Doug and Steve Forkner, and one daughter, Cindy (Forkner) Beisly. They have 11 grandchildren with all families involved in different parts of the family enterprises. The Forkner Farms Inc. operation has two sons directly involved in this business. Forkner Farms Inc. consists of four business enterprises. They are: 1) A grain cropping and grass farming base of 2,000 acres, 2) A swine breeding business operating as TRULINE Genetics, 3) A natural premium pork production and marketing business operating as TRULINE Premium Pork, and 4) A cattle breeding, family partnership doing business as TRULINE Maines L.L.C.


Forkner Farms Inc. is the 2,000 acre crop farming foundation that provides all the feed grains for the livestock operations as well as cash crops of soybeans and wheat.


TRULINE Genetics is a swine breeding business that consists of five purebred breeds and have been leaders in the genetic improvement and marketing of purebred swine since 1958. They have gained a national and international reputation for their breeding animals and swine genetic contributions. They have marketed swine breeding stock into 48 states and over 25 countries worldwide.


TRULINE Premium Pork, is a coordinated production and marketing program of natural premium pork produced by a network of certified independent producers. It also is involved in direct marketing of TRULINE Premium Pork products to premium conscious consumers, restaurants and by direct sales.


TRULINE Maines LLC is a Forkner Family Partnership that began in 1988 between Everett, Mike and Steve Forkner that is directed to the production of commercial-show quality Maine-Anjou cattle. Their goal is the production of Foundational Maines that are a result of the same breeding and genetic selection philosophies they have used to excel in their 45 years of success with TRULINE Genetics.

TRULINE  Mission:                              
To create customer success by providing the very best
in genetics, breeding systems and support services.

"creating success"

Everett Forkner Family
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